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Why Go For An Aroma Massage Session?

Even if you are the most responsible person who never likes to take a break from work, when you try an aroma massage, the pleasant music and soft light combined with the strong and skillful hands of the spa professionals hit you at another level. This amazing luxury body massage involves the usage of some great natural oils that help you relax and feel a sense of lightness not only in your body but mind as well. In the beginning, it’s performed in a soft technique and the intensity slowly increases.

Advantages of Aroma full body massage :

This massage is the most unique mixture of muscle massage, manual therapy, acupressure, and delicate use of the hands by a professional. A key feature of this massage is the selection of the proper aroma of essential oil. The oils that are used here are created from the juice of some exotic tropical plants and fruits. 

The secret of the cool effects of aroma massage lies in the very method used by the specialist. The main movement is stroking which is applied in different directions, but the pressure remains unchanged. Most people fall asleep during a session as the hand movements of the professional help the clients to disconnect from worries. Once it’s done, you feel peaceful and are bound to try it over and over again, every time you visit your favorite massage and spa centre in Kolkata.

6 powerful reasons to try it as soon as you can

  • Your nervous system relaxes and the effects last much longer. Any sort of depressive thought, sense of overwork, and fatigue are quickly removed, and your work productivity increases.
  • Aroma massage or Aromatherapy can work like magic for you if you have insomnia or are weather-sensitive. It also improves psycho-emotional background.
  • Your muscles and tissues get quickly warmed up (all thanks to the use of carefully chosen aromatic oils).
  • It leaves a superb effect on musculoskeletal, respiratory, genitourinary, and cardiovascular systems, dramatically improving their activity.
  • Aroma massage has a great impact on your metabolism.
  • The best part of this massage is that its effects last a few hours more than a traditional massage. So, you can enjoy its benefits for a longer period of time.

How often should you go for one?

An aroma massage is usually given for one and a half hours, but it can vary. The oils are usually changed every five procedures and the composition of an aroma massage technique involves three kinds of oils. If you are wondering how effective it’s truly going to be, then know this— it will largely depend on the combination of oils used by the specialist and can differ from person to person. It is advised that you go for the recommended sessions by the specialist of an aroma massage to reap in all the benefits.


Aroma full body massage is a unique, memorable blend of hands and aromas, during which you almost get an out-of-body experience. Go for it once and you will be truly able to feel the power of these words! 

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