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Exploring the multiple benefits of foot reflexology

Away from all the worries and stress of life, deep inside we all crave for some good hours of relaxation and what can be better than booking an appointment with a foot reflexology at spa centre? Our feet do all the toil taking us to and from while we face life and struggle to keep our personal and professional commitments. Our tiring feet, the soreness and the numbness, the tingling effect and the aching muscles need to breathe free and foot reflexology fits the bill, perfectly!

Wondering what it is?

Foot reflexology is a kind of massage where spa specialists apply different techniques and varied pressure points to the feet, ears, and hands to ensure proper blood circulation and release of pain and tension knots from the feet. It’s said that these body parts are connected to several body systems and organs.

This soul-soothing massage comes with various advantages but before you get to know that, it’s important to understand the difference between reflexology and acupuncture. Many people get confused between the two.

These two treatments are not the same!

So, where lies the difference?

While acupuncture is such a practice where needles are used through an individual’s skin at particular points on the body to different depths to work on the nervous system, thus generating a calming effect, reflexology uses reflexes or pressure points in the feet and hands to produce a soothing effect on the body and mind. Most people like to go for the latter for its less invasive nature.

In what ways is foot reflexology beneficial?

Do you often feel depressed or show signs of easy forgetfulness or confusion? Well, foot reflexology can prove beneficial for you. This particular massage opens neural pathways and this highly benefits your central nervous system in different ways. The brain is able to handle information more effectively, majorly speeding up cognitive strengths and, this in turn, increases the speed of physical reactions that enhance your memory.

If you have a lot on your mind that prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep every day, then you must try it as reflexology can fill the neural pathways with relaxation, therefore inducing a state of tranquility and peace within the mind and body. It soothes the tense muscles and nerves and improves the blood circulation. And, all of these, help you to sleep peacefully at night.

Do you know that some factors like poor posture and even apparel choices restrict blood flow and circulation? Reflexology can help in an improvement in circulation throughout the body and this means blood as well as oxygen gets cycled more effectively. Even 20 minutes of foot reflexology on a regular basis can help in transporting oxygen to the cells of the body which is not only crucial for blood circulation but for your overall health as well.

A poor digestive system can limit your food choices and you need to think ten times before consuming something delicious. Foot reflexology can help here as well. How? One of the reflex points on your feet is connected to your stomach and when this point is stimulated, it increases blood flow to it, which in turn, improves your digestion.

So, do reach out to a noted massage parlour in Kolkata today if you want to experience the best foot reflexology.


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